Welcome to Ozark Airmotive. 

 Champ Restoration

We are located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas between Harrison, AR and Branson, MO. 


With over 41 years of general aviation experience our company offers a variety of services.  We perform major and minor structural repairs and modifications to small propeller driven airplanes;  annual inspections, STC's, propeller changes, compression tests, weight and balance and a host of general aviation duties . 



Cessna Cowl Assy. #0552112-2/200
Horizontal Stab. #0532001-202
Cessna Vertical Fin #0531006-77

We specialize in the recovery and restoration of fabric airplanes.  Give us a call, or e-mail us at ozarkair@eritter.net. and let us take care of your aviation needs.










“My name is Ron Himmelberg.  I am

a licensed A&P since 1966 and an IA

since 1970.  I have held a commercial

and private pilot license since 1972

and make all repairs and restorations

with your safety in mind.”

Ron Himmelberg,A&P/IA

 703 CR 846   *   Omaha, AR  72662-8214   *  870.437.5266   *   870.437.2620 fax   *

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